Linguistic Landscape in Time and Space

The Forest of Dean dialect is a window into the past heritage of the English language and its Anglo-Saxon roots. Recording and describing the dialect will help our understanding the development of the English Language. In Britain, the Forest’s unique landscape, location, settlement patterns and industry make it an important site for understanding how dialects develop their distinctiveness.  Knowledge of the traditional Forest of Dean dialect is at risk of being lost forever. Only a few speakers of the dialect remain. This project will make use of Oral History recordings to provide a comprehensive linguistic description of the dialect and a range of media will be used to make this research accessible to a range of audiences in the Forest of Dean.

How to Get Involved:


If you enjoy reading, and love the Forest , we want your help! This project will be looking for volunteers to

  • Photography
  • Social media / Blogging and promotion
  • Website / Facebook design
  • Designing leaflets and posters / Artwork
  • Skills in cataloguing, archive work
  • Research

If you would like to get involved in this project, please contact

Forest Voluntary Action Forum  tel:  01594 822073 email:

Before November 2016 this project will:

  • Scope availability, access rights and location of oral histories
  • Establish social media presence for distribution of information
  • Produce print materials for distribution of information
  • Conduct initial research into the History Geography and Dialect of the Forest of Dean

From 2017-2022 the project will:

  • Contribute to community events to celebrate our forest dialect
  • Compiling a searchable dialect catalogue of existing and new oral histories that can be added to in the future
  • Provide a comprehensive review of oral histories to support the catalogue, with details of stories, poems related to forest life and language
  • Publish a series of scholarly papers to raise the profile of Forest dialect heritage amongst the academic community
  • Provide a range of resources to different audiences including libraries, community groups, schools

Project leads:

Michelle Straw - Tel: 07815 507495 Email:


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