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Sunday 22nd August, 2021
Guided Geology Walk - The Devil’s Chapel, Bream

Guided Geology Walk - The Devil’s Chapel, Bream

Sunday 22nd August, 2021

A walk introducing the geology of the area and its effect on the landscape, flora and fauna, and local human development.

A 4km Geology Walk led by local Geologist Dave Green. The walk will take approximately 3 hours and involves some climbing and a stile.

Highlights include: The Scowles – are they old iron workings or natural limestone features…or both? This walk takes in the sequence of rock formations from the Tintern Sandstone up to the Coal Measures, including lots of evidence of old workings for iron ore, lime, building stone and coal. These are the same rock units as at Joys Green, but away from the influence of the Wye valley and under the influence of folding that has affected the layers here, the scenery is markedly different.

Park in the lay by on western side of the B4231,400m south of Bream.

The walk is free.  You can book tickets via Eventbrite from the 28th July.

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