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#forestersnature Our Stronghold for Nature

Our Stronghold for Nature

Our Stronghold for Nature recognises the national importance of the Forest of Dean for wildlife, and will provide fantastic opportunities for us all to learn about the plants and animals that make the Forest their home, as well as opportunities to help maintain and improve the forest’s habitats: waterways, ponds, mires, heathland and woodlands.

Connecting People to Nature

We produced this short film with the Wye Valley River Festival September 2020 to share how our biodiversity project teams have made a real difference to our local wildlife and natural landscape.  This is how we connect with nature…

Protecting our natural Forest

Through eleven projects we aim to safeguard our natural Forest and help nature evolve with our changing climate. We want to provide the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to continue to maintain habitats and monitor the impact of changes on target species through and beyond the life of the funded programme.

Get involved:

  • Help survey, record and monitor our flora and wildlife including bats, butterflies, birds and reptiles
  • Learn about our ancient and notable trees and understand how veteran trees link to our history
  • Help survey our waterways and create accessible ponds
  • Check on the stock that are vital for grazing which supports the creation of open habitat
“These projects focus on understanding our natural heritage. They will survey, record and monitor our wildlife, to plan and devise a permanent network of open space and ecological connections to protect and increase populations of the plants, animals and insects we have.”

Our Stronghold for Nature - What's going on

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Our Stronghold for Nature Projects

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If you go down to the woods today...

You might be surprised what you find!
From creating habitats for our wildlife or improving our waterways, to recording oral histories or finding old photos, there’s always something going on to get involved in!