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Wednesday 12th December
Christmas Gathering for Volunteers & Project Leaders - Biodiversity Theme

Christmas Gathering for Volunteers & Project Leaders - Biodiversity Theme

Wednesday 12th December

Whether you’re an existing volunteer, a project leader, a potential volunteer or just mildly interested in what the Biodiversity projects have been doing, please come along to this ‘Christmas Gathering’ at Whitemead Forest Park, Parkend. We would like to thank our volunteers for all the hard work you put in and provide a chance to understand what other volunteers are doing and how various projects link up.

It will be an enjoyable and relaxed evening which may include a Christmas Quiz, short summaries from some project leaders about works completed and hopefully some volunteers explaining their work. All volunteers are invited but in particular it is for Biodiversity project volunteers who would be interested in learning more about how to get involved with the Community Wildlife Study Group.

The Community Wildlife Study Group will be made up of volunteers from all biodiversity projects who continue to monitor wildlife habitats and species beyond the end of the Foresters’ Forest HLF funded period in 2022.  The work of all our Biodiversity projects will feed into the activity of this group and we hope that some volunteers from across our Biodiversity projects will gradually become part of it.

As we are organising this informal Christmas gathering on with a Biodiversity theme, there will be other events next year for volunteers to meet up with other projects themes.

There will be some festive food provided, so please let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements.

Please let us know if you would like to attend by Sunday 2nd December by booking tickets via Eventbrite.

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