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Exploring Our Forest Hidden Heritage app

Hidden Heritage app

The Hidden Heritage apps developed by AT Creative are an exciting new way to explore the Forest of Dean using your mobile phone or tablet device. 

Watch the images move between the past and the present:

What will the project deliver?

As you explore the trail, your location will be tracked on the map using the GPS built into your device. When you near a point of interest, the GPS triggers a set of information which relates to the site. This could be text, a static historic picture or a “fading image” that shows a smooth transition between the historic and modern landscape, taking you back in time to see what was once there.

It is hoped that during the course of the five year delivery phase more apps will be created to provide a family of apps illustrating various aspects of the Forest’s heritage.

There are now two Hidden Heritage apps to help you explore the Forest's past, using old maps and new technology:

  •  Coleford's Hidden Heritage follows a 7 mile route around the historic market town of Coleford (including Scarr Bandstand, Darkhill Iron Works and Titanic Steelworks)
  •  Hidden Heritage of the Dean takes you on a 9 mile route following the Forestry Commission's Family Cycle Trail
We are currently developing our next app, Cinderford's Hidden Heritage with Cinderford Town Council. 

How do I download the Apps?

The app is available for Android and Apple users, just visit your relevant app store to download, it’s FREE!

Read our news article on the apps to find out more. Look out for opportunities to get involved in creating our next app. 

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