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Celebrating Our Forest Community Celebration

Community Celebration


This project will work with a variety of forest communities to create celebrations about their history and people. This project aims to preserve local knowledge and history through the creation of podcasts from audios with the community, blogs written by community members, public performances and events based on the history of the local area.

What will the project deliver?

This project will deliver ten different community celebrations culminating in one big celebration event. The celebrations will be based on the communities own history and people, exploring a range of creative skills to share, exchange and develop heritage information.

The project will encourage, among other things, vlogs/blogs, podcasts, photography, film, local exhibitions and infographics as community tools in preserving and enhancing local heritage, all with the objective to recreate community networks, get communities talking to each other and connecting with the wider community.

What can I get involved in?

You can volunteer to become involved in a celebration event, help with creating vlogs, blogs or podcasts, or you can attend one of the many events that are part of this project.


Click here to go to the Wyldwood Arts website 

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