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Revealing Our Past Heritage Craft Skills

Heritage Craft Skills


As a rural and resource rich area the Forest would have once had thriving cottage industries in crafts such as tanning, blacksmithing and wood working.

Through this project we want to help preserve and revitalise these crafts at a time when the skills and knowledge are in danger of being lost.

What will the project deliver?

This project aims to teach and inspire people about traditional crafts in four main subject areas:

  • Organic - traditional Tanning, Blacksmithing
  • Textiles - including spinning, weaving, dyeing and felting
  • Green wood working
  • Woodland skills

The project, managed by Rewild, aims to organise a variety of highly skilled and experienced instructors to teach workshops in different skills in all of these areas.

The project aims to create a community of crafters in the Forest, reviving old skills and building empowered people and more resilient communities.

What can I get involved in?

We will be running a series of workshops each year, or you can come and visit us at various public events throughout the year.

Click here to go to The Rewild Project website. 

Revealing Our Past projects

Revealing Our Past Projects

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