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Working with Schools

What is the Working with Schools project?

This project aims to enthuse local teachers and children about their natural, built and cultural heritage, so that they become proud of their Forest heritage and will protect and promote it in future.

Lydbrook Primary school have already fully immersed themselves in the Foresters’ Forest programme by re-writing their school curriculum to embrace their local heritage. This will now be used as a model for other schools.

What will the project deliver?

Lydbrook School teachers will use their experiences to inspire other schools to follow on, creating further resources for all to share on an educational ‘hub’, possibly in a secondary school. Although the work so far demonstrates how well the Foresters’ Forest can be integrated into primary school work, there will be an expansion into secondary schools in the delivery phase, possibly using the transition period for Year 6 children moving up to Year 7 as an opportunity.

Sharing learning experiences will be an important part of the schools collaboration, such that every year there will be a large scale gathering to display and discuss the works completed.

By enthusing and inspiring children and young adults to look at and explore their unique environment, the Programme will build a legacy of proud, active, interested Foresters who will work to protect and promote their heritage, benefiting from the accumulated learning resources gathered over the delivery period from a range of projects.

What can I get involved in?

You can volunteer to help organise events at schools.

Click here to go to Lydbrook School's page about their involvement in the Foresters' Forest programme. 

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